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The Motivation behind Iris Salmins' geometric abstract paintings in the Houston area.

A driving force behind Iris Salmins' focus on geometric abstract art is her desire to engage with the intellectual legacies of the abstract pioneers of the early 20th century. Artists like Piet Mondrian and Kazimir Malevich, who sought to convey the spiritual and emotional through abstract forms, are a continual source of inspiration. She sees her work as part of this ongoing dialogue, exploring how these early abstract concepts can be reinterpreted and expanded in the context of contemporary life. By embracing her own artistic style influenced by Mondrian and Malevich, Iris Salmins' paintings have an added freedom from the fine lines to bring a fresh look to the otherwise straight lines that seem to have constrained both Mondrian and Malevich.

Iris is also motivated by the challenge of conveying complexity through simplicity. Although some geometric abstract art demands a high level of precision and planning, as every element of the composition must be carefully considered to achieve balance and harmony Iris has the meticulous approach to finds satisfaction in the problem-solving aspect of her work. The process of distilling complex ideas into simple geometric forms is both a challenge and a reward, offering a tangible sense of accomplishment when the final composition achieves the intended impact.

Houston's dynamic art scene and cultural diversity also play a significant role in shaping Iris' work. The city's thriving community of artists and galleries fosters an environment of innovation and collaboration. This vibrant cultural milieu provides Iris with a constant source of inspiration and support, encouraging her to push the boundaries of her art. Her studio gallery in Silos - Sawyer Yards, a creative community thriving in the heart of one of Houston's most historic neighborhoods enables her an environment of creativity and joint efforts such as her being on the board of the soon to be launched Houston Visual Artist Network.

Houston's architectural landscape, with its mix of modern skyscrapers and historic buildings, mirrors the juxtapositions found in Iris Salmins' paintings, where the old and new, the organic and geometric, coexist in harmony.

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