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Why Houston Abstract Paintings Are loved by modern Houston artists...

Updated: Mar 12

Abstract art paintings are often seen by Houston contemporary abstract artists as more creative than other forms of painting by other modern artists in Houston due to its freedom from visual references in the real world. Unlike representational art, which aims to depict objects, people, or scenes from reality, abstract art and abstract paintings in Houston are free from these constraints, allowing contemporary artists to express feelings, emotions, or ideas without the need to adhere to visual accuracy.

  • Abstract wall art in Houston whether colorful or earth tone abstract art provides expressions and imagination directly rather than through actual imagery.

  • In abstract art there is an open door to experimentation. A collector of abstract art in Houston understands the innovation liberty taken by the artist of their acrylic abstract paintings. This can cause the creation of abstract art that produces abstract patterns and shapes such as created by Houston artist, Iris Salmins.

  • As a modern artist in Houston, Iris loves to hear her collectors personal interpretation of what they see in her abstract art.

  • Iris as an abstract artist in Houston is able to be free and a little rebellious, as she has no need to apply traditional forms, color, and texture to conform to tradition. relationships. This freedom can lead to unique and unexpected visual experiences.

  • She conveys concepts, forms and colors that are not forced to be realistic.

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