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Where to view Iris Salmins' paintings?

Updated: Mar 12

Houston award winning geometric abstract artist, Iris Salmins, will be happy to set an appointment with you to view her paintings at her studio gallery at Sawyer Yards. Just give her a call or send a text to her at 832-457-7141. You may also send her an email.

Iris Salmins is a visionary Houston-based abstract painter whose work captivates and inspires. With a palette that dances between bold, vibrant hues and subtle, nuanced shades, Iris masterfully creates paintings that speak to the soul. Her canvases are alive with dynamic movement, texture, and depth, inviting viewers into a world where emotion and expression take center stage. Each piece is a journey, reflecting Iris's deep connection to the natural world and her intuitive understanding of color's power to convey feeling and evoke response.

Dedicated to originality and innovation, Iris's paintings are more than just art; they are experiences. Whether through sweeping gestures or delicate strokes, her work embodies a fearless exploration of form and abstraction, making her a standout in the Houston art scene. Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts seeking art that resonates on a profound level, Iris Salmins offers not just a painting, but a piece of her passion and vision. Her artwork is a compelling investment for anyone looking to enrich their space with depth, emotion, and a touch of the sublime.

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