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Why Houston Artist, Iris Salmins, creates modern contemporary abstract geometric paintings...

Iris Salmins, a distinguished Houston-based artist, has carved a unique niche in the world of modern contemporary art through her dedication to creating geometric abstract acrylic paintings. Let's delve into the reasons behind Iris' choice of this particular art form, exploring the influences, motivations, and aspirations that drive her creative process.

At the heart of her Houston artistic journey is her passion for exploring the complex interplay between form, color, and space. Geometric abstraction, with its emphasis on non-representational forms, allows her to distill emotions and concepts into pure visual language. By employing geometric shapes as the foundational elements of her compositions, she taps into the universal symbols that resonate across cultures and time periods, making her work accessible yet deeply personal.

One of the reasons Iris gravitates towards modern contemporary geometric abstract art is its boundless potential for expression. Unlike figurative art, which is anchored in the physical world, geometric abstraction opens up infinite possibilities for interpretation. This freedom is central to Iris' approach; her paintings invite viewers to embark on their own journeys of discovery, finding meaning and connection within the interlocking shapes and vibrant interplays of color.

Acrylic paint, with its versatility and vibrant color palette, is her medium of choice. It dries quickly, allowing her to layer colors and shapes with precision, creating depth and texture that draw the viewer into the painting. The medium's adaptability suits her experimental nature; she can manipulate its opacity, viscosity, and finish to achieve a wide range of effects, from bold, flat areas of color to subtle gradations and textures. This technical control is crucial for expressing the exactitude and clarity that geometric abstraction demands.

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